Friday, 27 June 2014

Chocolate Girl in Miami

Dear Pia,

Your Papa came back from Orlando yesterday and we all celebrated that Baby Brother held on for his return. In the days leading up to Papa's departure, there were some pretty regular practice contractions and with your adorable ways of speaking to my belly coaxing him out everyday, we weren't sure we'd make it. But Baby Brother knows what's best and even you have changed your story to "baby brother's coming! But not until Sanny, Pop Pop and OpaGigi come first!"

We all celebrated Papa's return with Italian Family night at the Country Club your Great Gram calls home. We listened to an Italian singer during cocktails and then enjoyed an Italian meal together-complete with ice cream.

Afterwards we went for a walk to the lake  and Gram told us her favourite story about the very first time she walked that lake and the (not so) friendly bugs she met along the way. We watched the crazy ducks (we call them turkey-ducks because they look like they have gobbler masks on their eyes) and ducklings in the water while you and Papa had your own party.

Then we rushed home to greet Aunt Babs and family, who were stopping by, Alabama drawl and all, enroute to a Florida wedding. You were fast asleep by their arrival (expertly timed mid-lightening storm!), but we got a few great minutes with your loving family this morning before they headed over to greet Gram and we headed out to show Papa Mama's-ami. 

When we hit the road, Papa got off to a rough start. Turns out American Gas stations aren't quite the petrol stations he's used to. After several attempts, the pump told him he had to "see cashier" and when he finally sorted that part out...there was still the actual act of getting the gas from the hose into the tank. A few helpful giggles from me later and this photo, he eventually worked it out.

You had your own set of giggles going. For the day of driving around in the car we made a special exception and let you watch a movie in the car. You love Frozen. The first time you watched it was on the airplane here and walked around for days telling everyone that "Elsa wears her dress like this" before taking the straps off to show your bare shoulders. I was a little concerned about what I was showing you (who knows what Disney's up to these days), so I decided to watch with you this round. Its totally approved; Scandalous dressing and all. Olaf and Sven make you laugh out loud and you're still shouting, "common buddy, fasta!" before melting into a puddle of giggles... Though I'm not even sure that part was meant to be funny.

And finally, after a solid day of house hunting in which we found the PERfECT house just out of our price range (of course), we took a very late lunch in Coconut Grove. You were the perfect angel all day long (as you have been each time we go to Miami). I don't know how we got so lucky, but I do know you deserved a special reward for that behaviour. You and I were meant to share a slice of cake, but after my peanut butter cake and Papa's chocolate cake arrived at the table, you took one look and declared, "I'm a chocolate girl."

I'm not complaining. I'll love you any flavor.

I love you,