Tuesday, 22 April 2014

At the Fun Fair

Dear Pia,

Monday was the last day of Papa's long Easter weekend and we had options. The Petting Zoo at Hounslow Urban Farm or the Fun Fair at Hampton Court Palace. 

Silly question really. 

You fell asleep on the ride to the fair, but woke up to the songs of Disney blaring from a miniature locamotive. You turned your head into the pushchair at first. Then rubbed your eyes. Then sat up. Straight. Then jumped out of the pushchair and turned in circles giggling. It was one of the best wake ups ever. Almost worth the chaos of being at a fun fair. The fair was only just opening so you got to be the first rider of the aeroplanes. 

After looking at all the rides and you declaring you wanted to ride each one, we convinced you to stop for a bite to eat on the river. You let us know there would be ice cream following dinner. 

The day was meant to be rainy and grey, but when we went to lunch, it was so sunny and warm, we sat outside without our jackets. You made yourself a shelter from the glaring sun. You were'nt very happy about the sun in your eyes.

Then I traded places with you and we shared a pizza. I guess it made you happy again.

And on the way back to the fun fair, you saw the ice cream truck. You reminded me of the plan and we all agreed it was a good one. You ordered a pink lolly and I a Mr Whippy. 

After a few licks of the lolly, you opted for licks of my Mr Whippy until I finally surrendered my cone.

And since you can't go on rides with ice cream in your hands, we strolled through Hampton Court Palace... where the princesses live. 

You were happy to be in the midst of princess palaces... a happiness doubled by that ice cream intake.

The troupes were out in full force so we watched them put on a show all the way up until they shot those gigantic muskets in a big cloud of smoke.

Then we walked back towards the green and when you saw the big wheel "like the London Eye", you started running full out.

This time you got to pick a few rides and even talked Papa into riding on Alice In Wonderland's teacups with you. Which was pretty funny because Papa is not a fan of rides... at all. I poked him and said, "oh come-on it's a kid's ride!" until he conceded. And then the ride started. And it just went merrily around in circles hardly moving at all. Until you guys passed the operator in the orange vest. She whipped your teacup handle around as hard as she could so you went flying around in mini circles as you spun about the carousel. It made me giggle. It made your Papa sick. You wanted to do it again. Immediately. 

Then you wanted to play the duck prize draw, but when you were given the stick, you just went straight for the prize. Finally you and I plucked a duck from the duck pond together and got to pick a special prize for our number. You wanted the purple tiara. Obviously. 

And then fittingly for your one last ride, the princess chose the Cinderella coach. 


And you tried for a third go with this adorable sad face (it worked the first time!), but Papa pulled you out anyway. 

So you, Mama, Papa, Ducky (the duck papa won you when you tugged on his arm and said, "papa, I want you to win me a prize") and Bunny (your pick of the Easter Bunny's wheel barrow) all headed home for some peace and R&R. 

Thank God. 

Let's just go ahead and check fun fair off our bucket list, okay?

I love you,