Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's a Lovely Day...or weekend

Dear Pia, 

We had a lovely weekend. 

Coco let us know about a theatre production of What the Ladybird Heard, one of your favourite books, so we joined her to watch the "fat red hen, a duck in a pond, a goose in a pen, a hairy hog, a handsome horse, and a dainty dog, a cat that miaowed, a cat that purred, a fine prize cow, and a ladybird" on stage.

It was actually pretty entertaining with some great songs and two silly burglars. But mostly I just liked the double seats at Kingston's Rose Theatre because we got to snuggle comfortably the whole show long.

Adding to the eventful weekend, we got locked inside a gated development with Iona and her mummy. When we finally escaped her mummy and I were thanking the heavens but you girls just wondered why we had to leave the pretty garden so soon...and with so many pebbles left outside the fountain.

We watched some Sophia the First, your favourite show after Peppa Pig

You and Issy watched some fish at Kew Gardens.

Held hands and walked the lawns.

Played in pumpkins.

And baked some tea cakes in your Honeybake oven.

We painted the way Papa likes best (with water and an aqua doodle=no mess).

And then we painted the way Mama likes (every colour, all hands, feet and face involved).

(I think you like it best too.)

Though the end result can be a little creepy.

We did some more civilised painting too. Using most of the colours at the pottery cafe... so long as they were blue. 

Issy came too. She used a few more colours.

You guys soaked up every minute because from Friday, we're states-bound for a few weeks and you're going to miss running in circles and giggling with your bestie. 

I'm going to miss it too. 

I love you,