Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Dear Pia,

Today is Monday, but we skived a bit from nursery in the morning so that you could help me to pack. As I write this, I'm on my way to Germany for a full 7 days away from you. My first trade show since going back to work, and I already miss you, but I also know that if there's anything a trade show is good for, it's keeping one busy. And I know that you're starting to really enjoy your days at nursery and that you will have a very special surprise when you get home in the evenings this week. Your Papa!

You were a very helpful packing assistant. Especially when you helped me empty the contents of my bedside table, dump my full water glass on the duvet (and then squeal 'oh no!' and mop it up with my camisole) and put stickers all over my passport.

Then you insisted that I pack my wellies... or at least that you wear them for me. "Put on mummy"

"too big"

I love you,