Monday, 8 July 2013


Dear Pia,

You are one massive fan of your Opa Gigi. And thankfully, they're pretty big fans of you too. They pretty much came all the way from Hawaii where your Uncle Tyler and Auntie Camille were married last week (woohoo!) and they must have been exhausted, but they didn't let on one bit. They dove right into the Pia Party.

...Or at least, someone dove right in...

And together, we all rejoiced in the lovely weather outside where your Gigi brought you to the park and played all kinds of silly games with you. 

And when it got too hot and you broke out in heat rash (definitely a London girl, the temperatures rise above 20 and you're ill for two days), your Papa and your Opa were very attentive.

We tried all kinds of things to keep you cool. From naps in the car's AC, where your Gigi volunteered to stay and 'watch over you' (Opa might have called this 'teaching you to sleep') while Papa and I ran errands. 

To a picnic in the shade near the paddling pool of Bishops Park.

But none of it could beat a cuddle for you. Except for a few minutes each day (usually the few minutes after you get a few morsels of food in), when you'd be back to you usual giggly-googly-wonderful-self and we were off 'RUNNING!' around the house in full belly laughs. You even managed your first DIY when you helped me paint my computer desk outside (once the sun went down and you knew you wouldn't melt out there). 

The good news is that the sun is still out today, but you seem to have come out the other end. There's hope for you in our future tropical (in your Mama's dreams!) residence yet. 

I love you,