Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ladies Night

Dear Pia, 

When I started to write this blog you were sitting on the floor and counting to ten. As always, it went something like this: "won, too, tree, foah, fiiiive, sixth, seveahn....ten!"

This after you refused all the usual breakfast foods and demanded "RICE!" for breakfast this morning. 

And then ran away giggling your little head off to slam the door of your play room and 'hide'. This photo doesn't show it well, but when I chase after you and stick my eye up to the key hole to sneak a peak in, I see a little eye ball looking back: you're usually doing the very same thing. 

Later, after a long day of nursery and an even longer day of work, I came to rescue you (us both?) and found you with cheeks wet with tears. The nursery was busy and I didn't even wait around to find out why you'd been crying. As soon as you saw me, you ran with light in your eyes and a smile across your face so I just scooped you up in my arms and we backed out the door.

With the sun making it's first appearance of the year, we made the most of being outside. First we went and visited your old friends in the Garden Shop. You gave each one a kiss and held on so tight to the newest bunny addition, I thought we might have to take him home with us. But in the end the promise of fish broke us free.

We checked out the gorgeous sea life and then you got in your charriot while I biked us over to the locks for a special dinner just you and me...and Foo Foo. Papa was working late with a new hire party, so you and I had pizza outside watching the swans swim by. You started us off by ordering the pizza yourself: "PIZZA!"and continued to be pretty much the cutest dinner date I've ever had.

We ended the day making silly noises at each other while you had a bath. I'd squeek, you'd belly-laugh so hard your whole body would move from one side of the tub to the other. Insert Papa and it doesn't get any better than this.

I love you,