Saturday, 21 February 2015

CT to FL

Dear Pia and Rafa,

Your Cousin Lily, Auntie Gaily, and Auntie Barbie came to stay. It's been awhile since I've written, so this may have been a month ago now. But better late than never, especially when as an added bonus, your Nana was staying with friends down here too. We got a lot of love.

For the very first time, we got to visit Papas hotel. Rafa liked it.

Pia owned it.
And cousin Lilers and Auntie Gaily knew just how to do it in style.

We met nana and her friends poolside. Pia, there's been a lot of talk about Nana the past few years. She's sent you the best cards for all the fun holidays. Now that you finally met her in person, you were a bit shy. After you met her the first time, you asked "Is nana a boy or a girl?"
To which I responded, "hmmm....well...?"
No matter, after dinner with her, you made up your own mind. A few days later you declared:
"I have a Nana. She brings me gifts and she's a boy." Well, yes, I guess that will do. You clever clogs.

Back at the apartment you and your family did your best to turn the flat into a jungle gym with swimming sharks and flying fish food.
While papa did his best to work the baby carrier. But he got stuck.
We played cards as often as possible. Obviously.
We checked out our new home, and new pets.
We cuddle puddled.
Sometimes with a ball.
Rafa, you were on the go so much you just took your naps whenever you could.
(But no one blamed you for napping through the rubbish art fest I insisted we walk about.)
Later, you stayed at home when the girls went for a very eventful outing...Lilers' second ear piercing! Gulp! This was better entertainment than TV and I videotaped it to remind all involved and so you didn't fully miss it. Hey, if the crowd outside and inside Clair's didn't have to miss it, I don't see why you should. (I won't post it here, because we love Lilers enough not to mortify her...or do we?)
Then it happened. The storm of the century was foretold on media: Catastrophic downfall leaving the northeast out of commission. Several feet all throughout New York and Connecticut. Flights cancelled, schools suspended, roads closed. We waited for the snow to fall and the ladies found a new flight home a couple days later. Which we liked. Even if they were very wrong about the said "storm".

It meant that we got to hang in Miami sun while the CT neighbours all held out for the "storm of the century" to (never) come. Yey.

That meant a day checking out Wynwood walls... where it's so cool, it's hard not to be snap happy. You'll see.

After a sketchy stop in a petrol station in the middle of the Miami ghetto where your cousin did everything in her power to prevent me from leaving her in the car alone while I went inside for water. "You love me dont you?" she demanded with a death grip on my arm. She did ask for some excitement mind you.

In the end, we made our own excitement. With our new business venture. Cereal Scoop.

And then things went back to normal. Pia in a bag.
Pia in a box.
Mama and Lilers on top of random objects for photographs.
(Cereal Scoop will make you do that.)
On the very last day of their visit, we went to the beach. Because I think you just have to go to the beach when all of your friends and neighbours are at home in a faux-snowstorm.
I already miss them. I think you do too.

I love you,


"Maybe rafa's first word will be denial."

Dear Pia and Rafa,

We were walking home from a play on the Miracle Mile today, Rafa awake and straining to see everything in my arms and Pia fading off to sleep in Papas arms. Pia, you overheard Mama and Papa talking. You asked us what "denial" meant. You sounded it out, to see what the word tasted like. Then you declared, "Maybe Rafas first word will be denial."

It made us laugh out loud. Not least, because it was yet another fine example of how clever you've become at hearing words and then using them correctly in context later on. Other, less kosher and with less clear orient, examples this month have included you walking past Rafa, leaning into his ear and speaking in a low voice, "you little whiner"... Or when Mama came and sat on you on the couch and you giggled, pushing me away while saying "piss off!" Yes, that's right, I asked you several times to repeat to be sure. And thank goodness you got to say it so many times in a row, because I think we're both certain it won't happen again.

That was at the beginning of this crazy month. Since then, EVERYTHING has happened. It's best I just rattle it off.

1. Lilers came to visit.
2. And Auntie Barbie and Auntie Gaily
3. You joined an art class at your old favourite: Gymboree
4. Nana came to visit
5. You tried (and haven't stopped talking about) the bars at gymnastics
6. You tackled Rafa
7. Rafa, you finally got her back
8. Opa Gigi came to toast waffles with you guys
9. Bryner came to visit with her mummy and Sanny 
10. Pia and Papa had a special Valentines Day brunch at school while mama & Rafa worked the school book fair.
11. Bryner got a fever while her mummy was working in Boca. (She smiled through it.)
12. Rafa, you got the flu followed by an ear infection a week later. Not to forget the bug that ate your face. (You smiled through none of it.)
13. Mama got an ear infection and hasn't stopped whining about it. (Photo pre-infection)
14. We watched Alice and Wonderland on the stage (literally sat on the stage), after sitting through this mini Christian family band.
15. Pia got the flu.
16. Last but not least... We bought our first home!!! We don't move until March, but we signed the papers right here:

And as if that weren't eventful enough of a month, we are now very eagerly awaiting our visitors from London, coming next week! More to come on these lovely weeks we've had with all the special people in your lives, but at least, you see why there's been a bit of a lag in my writing.

Never the less...

I love you,


Friday, 6 February 2015

Blueberry pancakes and mud

Dear Rafa,

Add pancakes to your list of loves.
I'm just glad it's no longer mud like at bootcamp this morning. 

I love you,